Board of Directors

Dave Goldman, President
Thea Vassallo, Treasurer
Mike Pisenti, Golf Chair
Valerie Akin
Dan Ashley
Don Berger
John Berger
Jim Collini
Bridget Cunningham
Eileen Cunningham
Hank Dedrick
Stacey Dedrick

Angelo Pacheco

Kelly Perkins

Jessamyn Picton

Robert Picton

Tracy Pisenti

Terri Quile

Jorge Santana, In Posthumous

Kathy Sweeney

Lori Talbot

Tricia Wilson

Youth Camp Coordinator

Amy Riddle

City of Concord Park & Recreation Department

Steve Voorhies, Director of Parks and Recreation
Kathryn Monroy, Program Manager
Matt Fragoso, Camp Director

Contact Us

P.O. BOX 6373
CONCORD, CA 94524-1373

(925) 671-3006

Join us!

Dan Ashley’s
24th Annual Golf Tournament
October 4, 2021

Crow Canyon
Country Club, Danville

Dave Goldman, Dan Ashley, Jorge Santana

Tracy and Mike Pisenti

John and Don Berger

Dave Goldman and
Kelly Perkins