Counselor in Training (CIT)

Teens Aged 14 to 17

The Friends of Camp Concord Counselor in Training (CIT) program is the next step for campers ages 14-17 to take their camp experience to the next level and gain experience in outdoor leadership and environmental education. It is an opportunity to develop job skills, be a part of a team, and contribute to the camp experience at Camp Concord. 

The Friends of Camp Concord Youth Camp is a one-week overnight camp for up to 150 youth ages 9-13. Camp Counselors, including CIT’s, sleep in the cabin with the campers.  CIT’s will assist their assigned Camp Counselor and cabin group in day-to-day activities while learning how to lead the activities, model positive behaviors, and experience what it is like to work with kids in a camp environment.

During the week of camp, CIT’s meet with the Camp Coordinator to receive direct training focused on leadership, group management, and risk assessment. At the beginning of the camp session, CIT’s will receive an orientation about the camp’s rules and policies. It will complement and strengthen the CIT’s hands-on experience while shadowing their paired Camp Counselor. 

Teens who apply for this program will be interviewed and screened for acceptance. CIT’s receive a 50% discount on the weekly camp fee, participate in all activities and enjoy everything the week of camp includes. Included is roundtrip transportation to and from Concord to Camp Concord, or CIT’s may provide their own transportation. 

CIT’s must follow all the policies set forth to attend camp, including the COVID-19 policy and camper behavior code of conduct.

The 2023 application period will be announced in early 2023. For more information about the Counselor in Training program, we encourage parents to email us at